GSM-Smiley box with floor stand:

With a customer satisfaction meter, you will know more how satisfied your customers are with the service. Happy customers give better bottom line results. Conversely, you run the risk of dissatisfied customers talking badly about your business, and this can of course have a negative effect on sales. A customer satisfaction meter is not only suitable for use in retail stores, but can also be used in canteens, museums, cafes, restaurants and many more locations.

  • 5 buttons for measuring satisfaction
  • Updating every hour
  • Also available as a desk model, that can stand on a shelf, a table or a shop counter.
  • Easy to change
  • Wireless with built-in GSM
  • Can be used throughout the EU
  • Battery life of up to 3 years. Easy to change batteries.
  • Easy to replace A4 paper with the question in the paper holder
  • A small buzzer that gives sound at every click.
  • Reporting and analysis through or via ftp
  • Analyzes can be exported to PDF and spreadsheets
  • Stands for this customer satisfaction meter can be included
  • Ability to receive mails with reporting

Height without acrylic screen: 8cm. Height with acrylic screen: 8.3cm. Width 29cm. Depth 20.5cm. Acrylic screen 30x20cm above smiley buttons. Height of floor stand: 89.2cm

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